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Photography for me is a trip to the unknown, a trip bound with the exploration of my inner-self.


A visit to Dachau concentration camp changes your mind about humanity “VICE Greece” (29.04.2018)

The transition to the new era – “TO PROTO THEMA” (10.02.2018)

Looks and glances “TO PROTO THEMA” (14.09.2017)

Being a volunteer Firefighter – “TO PROTO THEMA” (27.08.2017)

 The Firefighters  –“TO PROTO THEMA” (17.08.2017)     

On a comfortable side of August in Athens city“TO PROTO THEMA” (13.08.2017)

  On the tallest balcony of the city – “TO PROTO THEMA” (24.06.2017)

Go ahead for Epirus mountains“TA NEA” (11.06.2017)

The hanging of the handkerchiefs in Meteora “TO PROTO THEMA” (14.05.2017)

Photos and thoughts of Auschwitz Nightmare“VICE Greece” (27.01.2017)

Meteora: Monasteries on the Edge – “GREECE IS”  (12.12.2016)

Exploring the Natural Wonders of Meteora from 4,000 Feet  – “KATHIMERINI” (15.06.2016)

A Balloon Ride Over Meteora  – GREECE IS” (19.05.2016)

Chernobyl: 30 years later  – NEW EUROPE” (01.05.2016)

A hot air balloon ride over Meteora – “K” magazine (30.04.2016)

30 years later – “K” magazine (17.04.2016)

A Day in Perama  – «VIMAGAZINO»  (10.04.2016)

Children of Idomeni – «VIMAGAZINO» (20.03.2016)

North Face Zagori Mountain Running 2016  – «MYSTERIOUS GREECE» (25.02.2016)

Running races in the Zagori villages  – «TO PROTO THEMA» (09.08.2015)

Tour in hell of radioactivity  – «KATHIMERINI» (06.06.2015)

Chernobyl, 29 years later – «PHOTONET» (30.04.2015)

Chernobyl, 29 years later – «VIMAGAZINO» (19.04.2015)

A year after Kiev’s bloodiest day – “NEWS247” (25.02.2015)